• 5.5 million people trained throughout Europe
  • 29,000 newly qualified plumbers will be required in the UK next year
  • all our courses offer industry recognised qualifications
  • the third 'happiest' profession in the UK is plumbing
  • once qualified, plumbers can charge up to £500 per day


Train 4 Trade Skillsí job review

Wouldnít it be great to be able to wake up and actually look forward to going to work? There are many of us who feel we are stuck in a rut Ė plodding away day by day in a dead end job, where every day seems the same, and the only reason we keep at it is we need the money to pay the bills. Lifeís neither fun nor rewarding if we dread the daily commute and only pay lip service to a job we hate to do only because we donít have a viable alternative.

Course in 9 months?

We offer several courses from nine months duration.
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£60,000 reward

Skilled plumbers can earn £60 - £70,000 a year, according to industry spokesmen and a recent TV programme showed a team of plumbers keeping the pipes in Knightsbridge, London, flowing earning as much as £100,000 per year. But itís not just about the money, itís the flexibility that counts too, maybe the chance to take time off to watch the kidsí sports day, or take a well earned holiday?